Why Career Counselling?

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Choosing a career is one of the most important decision for your child. We need to help the child do it by choice and not by chance. As a parent, you can be a trusted career coach to the child. Only if you shift paradigm from ‘eligibility’ to ‘suitability’.

Each one of us are ‘suitable’ for certain jobs. We like to prefer certain tasks, work in specific environment , have different interpersonal preferences, nurture varied interests and get motivated differently. If we can identify suitable jobs, prepare to be ‘eligible’ for those – academically and demographically – and pursue them as careers, we have high probability of being happy and successful.


Why should we opt for a career counselling service for the child?


We do not understand ourselves largely. So does a child !

Research shows that a child is more likely to open up to a trusted guide . Much more than to parents or teachers.

A child has a right to chose her career. Not merely to accept one imposed upon by parents. Or self-styled ‘gyan-gurus’ in the friendly neighbourhood.

A child may be good at photography , brilliant in running his business, excellent in psychology or passionate in fashion designing. A career counsellor can open his mind in pursuing a suitable career , including the newer age career options.

You need a scientific , standardised and validated approach to measure suitability , correlate findings and make it easy for the child to research her options.

If identified early , both the parent and the child has time to plan , prepare and execute career options.


Give Career Clinic (www.careerclinic.net.in) a try for your child . Call +91 9717388500 or write to response@ithinklearning.in to reach out to a Career Guide.

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