Career Suitability vs Career Eligibility



Will you ever apply for a loan to book an apartment that you would not like to buy?

Will you ever plan a travel to a country that you would not like to visit?

Will you ever ask for the price of a stuff you don’t feel like buying?

If you have answered NO, although you have all the money to buy, you have responded similar to most men on the planet.

We do not try to acquire or achieve things- on our own or otherwise-  unless we like and enjoy it , and find it suitable for us. Although we may be eligible to acquire or achieve them.

Your child will love to have a career doing things she enjoys and is suitable for. She will then need guidance to build up eligibility through education, training and coaching.

You can help your child identify suitable career options. Career Clinic uses a well-researched instrument from Harrison Assessment that analyses over 170 traits in 30 minutes of online response. Our Career Guides then co-relates the assessment report with the child and parent through a live counselling. And then help them research pathways for eligibility.

At the onset of 2016, gift Career Clinic ( to your child. Call +91 9717388500 or write to to reach out to a Career Guide.

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