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Student burnout , during the entry to college, is often caused by voltaic physical and emotional exhaustion. An increased sense of being depersonalised with a shrunken sense of personal achievement. Country’s test prep hubs like Kota are a hotbed of such feelings. Recently, TOI reported a chilling spate of 30 suicides of young students in Kota over the last few months.

Anybody who can pay the fee is eligible for admissions in such coaching institutes. Along with dreams of imposing parents. All around such places the brutal message is to excel, or be a flush-out. Billboards celebrate success of star students.  Entry into IIT or AIIMS is the only measure of worth.

Those who fall behind – which is a staggering majority of the crowd – live in terror with a sense of inadequacy. There is a growing fear of letting down their families. More importantly, of not having any other career alternatives.

These premature deaths could have been prevented. If their parents were guided to know what their child enjoys to do, a bit early. How is that they prefer doing tasks, talk to people, get motivated? What is the environment they prefer? What are their interests? A scientific analysis of these traits can throw a plethora of suitable career options.

Based on such assessments, a conversation with the child and parents helps further. It creates career alternatives with high suitability, much beyond the herd choices of engineering , medical and accounting ! Shortlisting a few options from these alternatives can help plan a course and a college to study. And then prepare for the appropriate test to crack, with full commitment and enjoyment , by the child.

If you know of a child approaching the 9th standard, you can talk to their parents and increase awareness about timely career guidance. You can do your bit , perhaps to help save a young life!

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  • Jayanta C on January 17, 2016

    This apt analysis and timely warning need wide recognition among students and more importantly the parents need deeper understanding of these facts..

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