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Last week, I was attending a sales coaching program. We were huddling to create a compelling value proposition for our business. I talked about Career Clinic, said that it solves a problem to determine suitable careers and be guided on it. The facilitator whined ‘That’s not distinctive and differentiating enough! I feel you are in the business of creating wellness. As right careers ultimately generate potential happiness and wellness.” Wisdom prevailed,and I accepted it.

A few days later, while enjoying the Filmfare awards on TV, I resonated with this learning. Ms. Deepika Padukone was in tears to read out her papa’s letter, while accepting her award . Mr. Padukone- with all the experience of being the finest badminton player the country had produced in the eighties-encouraged his adolescent daughter to do what she loves to do the most.She left her rackets, turned a model and today inspires a generation of young India , thanks to Bollywood stardom.

The nation is a lot more proud to have a stunning young actor in Ms. Padukone , than just being the daughter of a legendary badminton player

Parental counselling is equally important, if not more, in guiding a child to her career of choice. It is important to make parents aware of the right science of selecting a suitable career and enable them with holistic support to help the child fulfill.

Video:courtesy 61st Filmfare Awards

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