An appeal to parents

Exam 2

Hello Parents,

It’s exam time yet again for your child. I can feel the anxiety quite a few of you are going through. You all wish your child does well in exams , achieves a score that’s academically brilliant (and socially relevant).

But do appreciate that among the students appearing for the exam, there is an entrepreneur who doesn’t need to understand Social Studies. There is an athlete who can do well in Physical Education than Physics. There is a film director whose score in Chemistry matters the least. There is a painter who does not care about Maths. There is a scientist whose score in Literature may turn out to be the least.

If your child achieves high score, that’s fantastic. Hug her, buy a chocolate, gift her the smarter phone ! But if she doesn’t , do not scorn. Hug her tighter, bless her, whisper in her ears ‘ You are cut out for bigger things in life. Give wings to your dreams. Sharpen your talent. Do what you love to do. You marks will never take the freedom away’.

Understand her enjoyment and suitability, help her hone it to the finest. She can build the eligibility for her.

Trust me, you child will appreciate this gesture for life, even when she rises to the pinnacle of success.

Enjoy this survey!

Yours truly,
Career Clinic

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