Y vs X


I’m a Gen X parent of a Gen Y child. She would be eligible for work in a couple of years. Over the last year we have intriguing conversations on workplace, managers and leaders, most of which are triggered by her.

Here are a few signals that I sniff of Gen Y through our dialogues.

* If Xers live to work, Yers work to live. Yers have multiple passions and are more global in perspective

* Gen Y believes in making meaning , and then making money. They want to solve problems for themselves and the world at large

* Gen Y feels it natural to speak their mind even on the first day at work. The concept of the boss as an expert whose hard-earned experience demands deference and consideration, is a far cry. Instructions like ‘I say, just do it’ may raise an eye-brow asking ‘Why?’

* Gen Y expects the work environment to have autonomy, flexi-time , 24×7 access. They are not lazy , but would love to have a board of pool in the cafeteria within ‘work hours’

* Gen Y thinks quickly, search smartly, multi-task and delivers a working solution faster than what you ever think of

How should Gen X parents & managers adapt to this change?

Are we ready for a change of culture both at home and workplace that allows Yers to bloom their talent fully?

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