Career Counselling-Stakeholders’ Perspectives

Career Counselling

Ask a parent ‘What do you do?’. Quick will be the reply ‘Job karta hun ’ .

Literally speaking, a job is a daily activity that one undertakes to earn a living. A career, on the contrary, is a lifetime commitment that one makes. It is a long-term journey fulfilled through education, work and training.

Choosing a career is always an important decision as it often has far-reaching consequences. Children should be encouraged to choose one that suits their enjoyment, most commonly referred as passion. Career guidance is important for children as they need to make an informed decision about what they choose to do for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. The decision is generally made by parents, acquaintances or occasionally teachers and thrust upon children to follow.

There is lack of awareness and availability of professional career guidance for students, parents and educators to encourage children adopt suitable career options that can bridge passion and ability. There are scientific assessments and expert services to decipher suitable career options.

With Skill India , Make in India , Startup India campaigns rolled out, career guidance programs call for collaboration from multiple stakeholders. It can no longer be simplified and left with one teacher in the school. It increasingly lies with school/college as an institution, private and public sector, government as well as parents.

In our endeavour to facilitate career guidance we often find schools, even in metros, do not have designated and qualified teachers to offer career guidance advice.

Schools can build a culture of career guidance by partnering with public and private expert individuals/organisations. Schools should ensure that every child gets an opportunity to seek career guidance – consistently and easily. Adopting technology and self-research platforms are emerging trends to ensure access, equity and quality of career guidance. Such organisations can also connect students with internship, projects or work opportunities to provide real-time experience to the child.

At Career Clinic, we have added a service that offers students to get mentored by working professionals from an industry of interest. This is helping students gain a better insight of what they have opted to do.

The government can play a significant role by providing explicit policy guidance to schools, colleges and training providers on what constitutes a comprehensive career guidance strategy, how to secure independent, external career guidance and how to measure the impact of such guidance. The National Career Counselling Portal set up under the National Career Service (NCS) project may be one such step in the direction.

Parents should also contribute by appreciating early passion and talent visible in children. The informed parent should invest into professional career guidance of the child, preferably from Classes 8th or 9th , which leaves enough time to shortlist suitable career options, validate preferences and build ability. Services that can help stream selection for Class 11th , identify competitive tests to prepare for, choose an appropriate course & college , get information on scholarships and advice on admissions should be of key interest to parents.

This collaborative synergy will help children to choose suitable careers, become successful professionals and happy citizens for the nation and the globe.

Let us know what you think for your child.

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