Stop student suicides – mandate parental counseling in schools

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Parents live their dreams – some more , some less. But they dream bigger for their child. Smaller the town , bigger the dream.

Last week I peeped into the routine of the daughter of my friend, Aayushi. She studies in Class 7 in a celebrated school and toils hard to be a topper in class. She also goes for private coaching. Her parents want her to join a big-name institute in Class 9th that’ll prepare her to crack the coveted IIT-JEE or AIPMT . Besides she’s trying her hands at salsa, keyboard, chocolate-making and tennis. She still manages to sneak through 30 minutes of Cartoon Network, but feels that ill-found luxury will not last long.

Success , to her parents (by the way they are professionals and social individuals) are measured by earning the scholar badge , participating in an inter-school dance competition or playing the keyboard in her aunt’s wedding ceremony ! She has to be visible in her little stardom. One day her 3″ x 2″ photo should don the front page of the nation’s daily- ‘Top 200 list” of Career Champ (yet to be heard of) Coaching Tutorials.

Then comes the day. Her parents, their friends, high-decibel media and the coaching house’s smart campaign will drive her miles away from home to a small city. Her parents will proudly admit her to have a regimented, structured , disciplined life – precursor to a sure shot IIT/AIIMS seat.

She’ll go through the grind, on her own , virtually without friend, in a different culture to prepare for the grand finale. Her parents will occasionally visit her to reiterate ‘ We’re investing a lot in your education.You need to return this with nothing less than a successful score. Else , what will people say ! Don’t let us down ‘.

Aayushi will reconcile, at times with her teenage maturity, mostly with turbulence, and then search for news to learn how her peers are handling such grueling agony.

She may flip through the headlines that read , “Ghaziabad girl clears JEE, jumps to death in Kota”. A mixed feeling of oneness, grief, agony will grasp her. She wanted to be a chocolate baker and run her boutique.But all that was good old years when her parents were cool! She has now a single mandate to survive in life ‘ her parents want her to crack AIPMT.

She decides firmly on her next step…

What can prevent Aayushi and over 300 more of them every year to take the next step ?

Read through this petition. If you resonate with the cause and action , say Yes ,and sign the petition.

Let’s bring a change and give Aayushis some sunshine!

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