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At Career Clinic, we provide online career counseling to students not to get just good jobs, but we guide them about how to have a successful career. There are loads of people who have fantastic and highly paid jobs but they lack happiness and this happiness will come only when you choose a career in which you enjoy your job responsibilities. There will be no use of doing a job which does not give self-satisfaction.

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We are among best education consultants in Delhi who have specially designed online assessment tests for students, based on Performance Test Theory to know their interest areas and hence show them right path to grow more. Parents can opt for these tests for their kids anytime and anywhere. Through cross-referencing technology parents get three special and helpful reports which make them realize about their child’s strength and interest areas. They get Career Option Report, Career Development Report and Greatest strengths report. Every year before college admissions in Delhi NCR we get more and more students coming in for counseling. We provide them career guidance, stream selection as well as College guidance. Once the child is done with whole counseling process, and his/her field of interest has been decided, then parents as well as child has given the opportunity to talk to industry experts so that they can get the complete idea about how that particular industry works.

It’s a big myth that we should choose a career which is in most demand, rather we should choose it as per our interest and capabilities. Getting a career counseling and assessment can give you a clear path for achieving your goal and succeed in life. It is difficult to list out all the benefits of taking an expert advice before taking crucial decision about career. Let us see 3 major benefits of career counseling

Know your strengths and weaknesses – Whether you are in school or are ready to go college, in both cases it is very essential to know your strength as well as weakness to go ahead in life successfully and smoothly.

Identify career choices based on your strength and interest – It is a big myth that there can be only one or two career options for everyone. If you opt for career counseling services you may get lot of options to choose from.

Set Goals and clear path of success – Defining a goal is not at all is easy task and should be done carefully. Setting up a defined goal and a clear path of action helps in achieving them more quickly by avoiding obstacles.

We will find the right course / career for you, because there is no better way to find them as we do.

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